Quarantine Pregnancy: Covid Stress and The Abortion Pill

Quarantine Pregnancy: Covid Stress and The Abortion Pill

Let’s face it, living through the Coronavirus pandemic is no joke.

Being pregnant during this fretful time can be traumatic and seem even impossible.

But here you are with a positive pregnancy test… what will you do?

Quarantined and frightened, calling your doc to get a prescription for a do-it-yourself abortion may seem like the best choice.

How hard can it be? 

Harder than you think.

The abortion pill can have more side effects than surgical abortion. There is heavier bleeding, digestive discomfort, and the possibility of incomplete abortion which may need to be followed up with a surgical procedure, and the continuation of an ongoing pregnancy if taking the pill doesn’t work. Infections and fever are possible. Medical abortion (abortion pill) also has a lower success rate than surgical abortion.

Before you try the abortion pill while quarantined in your home, educate yourself about the infection risks and side effects. You will need to follow up with a physician either in person or by phone.

Even in quarantine, you can’t do this alone. 

Having an abortion is an extreme step even when done in the comfort of your home and one that will affect the rest of your life long after the current pandemic is gone.

Think about how you might feel after this current health crisis is over. Weigh your alternatives and consider the impact the abortion may have on your future.

Talk to other family members or friends who won’t add to your stress or pressure you to make a rash decision.

Seek help from a spiritual advisor or counselor – or you can call Options for Women to speak with someone who will listen, someone with whom you can feel safe, someone you can trust. We’re always here to answer your call. 

These are tough times.

The quarantine may have caused a loss of income and worries over money. Troubled marriages and partnerships may be strained to their breaking point. If you live alone you may be feeling lonely and depressed.

Call us.

And how about being with your kids 24/7 without the relief of extended family to help or friends and babysitters to give you a much-needed break?

Underlying health issues apart from COVID 19 could be affecting your or a family member’s health.

Mix up all these concerns with a general fear that either you or someone you love could die from the coronavirus and you have a highly anxious state that influences every area of your life, including your pregnancy decision.

If any of the pressure points bogging you down could be lessened or removed, would you still take that pill to end your pregnancy?

Your circumstances will most likely change and improve once this pandemic ends, but nothing can improve a pregnancy once it’s aborted.

The important thing to remember is that you do have choices and there is help available to you if you want it. We’ll help you sort through the issues that complicate your unplanned pregnancy, one at a time.

Please remember, during this pandemic and after, if you are facing a crisis with your unplanned pregnancy, you are not alone, even under a quarantine. 

Call us.

Early Pregnancy Concerns in the Age of the Coronavirus

Early Pregnancy Concerns in the Age of the Coronavirus

Finding out you’re pregnant during this season of the cornonavirus can be extra stressful.  A trip to the grocery, or even a medical appointment, can seem downright life-threatening as the number of infected people with the coronavirus increases in our region. Add the fact that many pregnant women are uninsured and without easy access to healthcare, and you have a recipe for worry and anxiety.

The good news is that if you are uninsured or unsure about your pregnancy, you can receive official proof of pregnancy (free) from Options for Women. Proof of pregnancy is necessary in order to apply for Medicaid before you can see a provider or can help you in your decision-making process.

Options has adopted a new policy to accommodate recent Covid-19 health restrictions that will allow us to operate during these troubling times. Just call our office to make an appointment, and our nurse or appointment scheduler will tell you all you need to know before your verification appointment.

We understand that If you’ve just found out that you are pregnant during the thick of the pandemic, finding prenatal care is a priority.

Our goal is to get you connected to a healthcare provider as soon as possible. We know that you have deep concerns about your pregnancy especially now in the early stages when there is so much uncertainty. The fact is that there is yet, little known about the pathology of the coronavirus. According to a recent NY Times article, there is no current data on Covid-19 and first-trimester pregnancy.  What is known is that pregnancy alters the immune system so it is best not to take any chances and limit your exposure as much as possible to anyone who is sick in general.

How can you keep yourself safe from the coronavirus?

The CDC and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend pregnant women follow these guidelines:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Try not to touch your face, nose, eyes, and mouth
  • Use hand sanitizer if you can’t wash with soap and water
  • Keep your distance (at least 6 feet)
  • Stay home
  • Avoid people who are sick
  • Wear a cloth mask when out in public
  • Talk to family and friends online or on the phone to feel less isolated
  • Talk to someone if you feel sad or overly anxious, preferably your doc
  • Take a break from social media and news outlets in order to stay positive
  • Get your sleep
  • Eat healthy and exercise reasonably

The most important thing is not to panic but know that if you take precautions, access prenatal care, follow your doctor’s instructions and keep yourself positive, you will be doing everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy. 

Now more than ever, you are not alone.





Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus has hit our region and Options is committed to doing all we can to help flatten the curve in order to lessen the risks of infection. What does this mean for our potential clients? We are still booking appointments for our pregnancy clients with just a few necessary tweaks to our policy. Here they are:

  • For the next few weeks, all pregnancy appointments need to be scheduled by phone. We are suspending online bookings for the time being.
  • When you come to Options for your appointment, come alone or limit companions to just 1 person. If you bring more than 1 person with you, they may be asked to wait in the car.
  • Try to find a babysitter for your children. If you can’t, we will still accommodate you but it’s best if children stay at home for now.
  • Options STD services are suspended until the virus threat loosens up. Men and women age 29 and younger who call will be directed to Camden County, Gloucester County and Philadelphia STD testing sites which will remain open during this current health crisis.
  • No walk-ins , (visitors, volunteers, donations) until further notice. Call us first!
  • Anyone who needs to talk to someone about pregnancy concerns can always contact us on our website (if our center is closed)  and someone will get back to you right away. There is a contact form on our website that we check daily. https://www.optionscherryhill.org/contact-us/
  • You can always leave a voice message too. 856-795-0048

Options pregnancy services will remain open for our clients who need us. We know that life happens no matter what and we will be here for you. Check our website to keep updated on any further changes.

Thank You!

The Abortion Pill / Is it as Simple as it Sounds?

The Abortion Pill / Is it as Simple as it Sounds?

Abortion made easy. That’s how the abortion pill is promoted. The idea of a non-surgical procedure is less invasive for sure but a medical abortion isn’t as simple as it sounds. Here’s what you need to know before you decide.

Let’s start by clearing up any confusion about the Morning After Pill and The Abortion Pill. 

They are not the same.

It’s important to know that The Morning After Pill or Plan B as it is sometimes called, will not stop a pregnancy that’s already in progress. It’s really just an extra dose of birth control hormones taken as emergency contraception after you’ve had unprotected sex or if your birth control method has failed. The Morning After Pill delays or stops ovulation and stops fertilization before the egg is implanted in the uterus. The Morning After Pill won’t stop a pregnancy that has already started. 

What About The Abortion Pill?

Unlike the Morning After Pill, medical abortion or the Abortion Pill is taken after conception up until 10 weeks of pregnancy. It’s really a two-step process that stops a pregnancy from growing and then helps your body to expel the fetal tissue. 

Mifepristone is the first medication taken that blocks the hormones necessary for the pregnancy to develop. Nausea and vomiting can occur after you’ve taken the first tablet. Cramping and bleeding usually follow within four hours of taking the first dose.

The second medication, Misoprostol is taken once bleeding and cramping have begun and will help your body to push out the fetus and placenta. There can be heavy bleeding and clots depending on the stage of pregnancy. The closer you are to 10 weeks, the more severe the cramping, bleeding and clotting will occur, as well as the likelihood you will recognize the shape of the embryo as you pass the pregnancy. 

Medical abortion usually takes up to 48 hours to complete although each woman is different. It’s not uncommon for women to experience some bleeding up to 3 weeks after a medical abortion. Notify the doctor if heavy, abnormal bleeding occurs, enough to soak two pads within an hour for any length of time or if clots are abnormally large like the size of an apple or an orange.

Medical abortions should be done under the care of your healthcare provider. In rare instances, infections can occur. The first dose should be taken in the presence of a doctor. Women may take the second dose at home and remain in contact with the doctor by phone. A follow-up visit to your doctor is required to determine if the abortion is completed. A small percentage of women may need to have a surgical procedure if all the fetal tissue hasn’t evacuated the uterus within two weeks of the abortion. 

How will you know if you are eligible for a medical abortion?

It All Starts With an Ultrasound. Options Can Do One for Free!

If you are considering having a medical abortion you will need an ultrasound before the medication can be prescribed by your doctor or clinician. The reason you need an ultrasound is that the abortion pill is only effective up until 10 weeks of pregnancy. If you are further along, it won’t work. It’s necessary for you to get an exact reading on how many weeks pregnant you are, the size of the fetus and to make sure the pregnancy isn’t ectopic in order to determine if the abortion pill is an appropriate option for you.

Going through with medical abortion is a big decision. Many women are conflicted and want to be sure of their decision before they show up at the abortion clinic or at their doctor’s office to start the process. Abortion at any stage also has emotional and psychological side effects to consider.

If you are seeking clarity, having an ultrasound before you start the abortion process may be just the right step for you. You can find out the gestational age of your pregnancy that will have a huge impact on your decision and you can talk over your concerns with someone who really cares and who won’t judge you. Although you will receive an ultrasound with the abortion provider, the cost of the ultrasound will be calculated into the cost of the abortion. Only a pregnancy support center like Options will give you an ultrasound free of charge before you begin the abortion process.

Don’t wait to schedule your appointment with Options. We can verify your pregnancy on the first visit and schedule you to come back for a free ultrasound so you can make a timely, informed choice. Simply put, we’re the best place around to process your pregnancy decision in the early weeks of your pregnancy.

Options for Women is not an abortion provider or an abortion referral service.

Sources: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-6111/misoprostol-oral/details





How Options Can Improve Your Vision

How Options Can Improve Your Vision

Coming to Options when you have an unwanted pregnancy can be like putting on a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and discomfort from the sun’s rays. The lenses are filtered to make images appear sharper and clearer and to give you a truer perception of color. Polarized lenses can literally make you see things in a new (and better) light. A street covered with dead brown leaves may look ugly and messy in the harsh unfiltered rays of the sun but with polarized lenses, the street will look like a path that is paved in warm, golden light.

Of course, changing your view of your unplanned pregnancy from a catastrophe to a difficulty with which you can cope  isn’t as easy as putting on a pair of sunglasses, but Options will help you to see your situation through a lens of empowerment instead of crisis so you can confidently deal with what lies ahead.

When you first realize you’re pregnant, reality can seem harsh, confusing and messy. Things  can look so hopeless when you perceive them through the lens of shock, fear and crisis.

Even though a crisis is a temporary state that will eventually pass, when you are in the thick of a crisis, time stops and you feel stuck. Your vision for your life appears distorted. Instead of the best light, you see the worst. You find it difficult to think clearly much less see what you should do next. It may be impossible for you to look at things in any other way.

When you come to Options, we’ll help you to find  clarity and peace about your decision with information about your body, your health, and your pregnancy, without pressure. You can relax and gain perspective until your vision for your life is clear and true.

Options will give you a break from your pregnancy crisis in an environment designed for your comfort with a staff who really cares about what you are going through and who will pay attention to you, never minimizing your feelings.

You will receive medical attention and compassionate navigation to services that will meet your exact needs.

No one can make your pregnancy decision for you; however, choosing doesn’t have to be a lonely and stressful experience. Research shows that extreme stress negatively affects the brain and the nervous system. Making a choice under stress blurs perception and seldom leads to a confident choice. At Options, you can DE-stress while gaining a sharper view of your pregnancy and the ways your decision will impact your life.

Although, we can’t promise you’ll receive the x-ray vision of a super hero when you come to our center, you just might leave Options feeling like one.