Pathways to Integrated Care During Pregnancy

Pathways to Integrated Care During Pregnancy

Any woman who has white-knuckled a  home pregnancy test knows that in an instant,  her life could change forever. This goes double if the pregnancy is unplanned.

Maybe that woman is you.

Zoning in on the positive results, you’re not thinking about cells dividing in your uterus and hormonal changes. For you, it’s more about the questions multiplying in your mind and the wide range of emotions you are feeling. Instinctively you know that there’s more at play than biology.  

What’s next? 

Your pregnancy, whether you choose to carry or not, is a primary health concern, that needs attention, but you may have other needs besides medical ones that will influence your pregnancy decision, and that will also affect you physically, emotionally, socially and economically.

You are more than a walking womb with a baby growing inside.

Options for Women is a pregnancy support center that offers all pregnant women help with medical care at the early stages of pregnancy while considering their options for the future.

But that’s not all.

Our integrated care approach addresses you as a whole person to include early prenatal intervention as well as attention and care to all other areas of your life that will be affected by your unplanned pregnancy.

We begin with pregnancy verification and a free first-trimester ultrasound to jumpstart prenatal care or to provide you with decision making support as you consider your next move.  Our navigators link you to vital services such as health insurance and prenatal care providers. We will help you get the care you need based on your individual health needs and desires.

Our integrated care approach considers your feelings about your pregnancy and what matters to you during this time. At your request, we’ll review all your options with you and listen to each of your concerns. We offer abortion education, parenting options, and if desired, adoption and parenting support. 

Do you have trouble with anxiety?  Housing concerns?  How will the pregnancy impact your finances? -Your relationship with the father of the baby? Your education, -your job? Experiencing difficulty with just one of these issues can cause stress. We’ll help you to examine the stressors in your life and to find ways to limit them during and after pregnancy.

We’ll help you to identify or to create a social support system and a circle of trust. It’s important to your overall health to know that you are not alone during times when you feel vulnerable and at risk.

Do you have mental health concerns or substance abuse issues?  Domestic troubles at home? No shame. We will navigate you towards the services that will make a difference in these areas of your life. We’ve built bridges in the community for you to cross with confidence. 

Our pathways to integrated care begin with our navigators who are trained to listen and help.  They, together with you, and with our nurse manager will help you design an integrated care plan that is just right for you.

There are so many factors that affect overall health especially during pregnancy, and not all of them are physical. We want you to know that at Options for Women our specialty is you, all of you – not just pregnant part.

Your Empowered Birth

Your Empowered Birth

      Options’ Childbirth Education Class  FREE

Two Parts:  August 21st @ 6:00 PM      August 28th @ 6:00 PM

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Your Empowered Birth 

    • We’ll cover hormonal changes during pregnancy.
    • Making a birth plan
    • When labor starts and when to go to the hospital.
    • How to handle contractions
    • Things to bring in your hospital bag
    • Fetal positioning and how it relates to labor
    • Natural Birth and C-Sections
    • Pain Medication during labor ( epidurals, IV meds )
    • Different ways to push
    • Induction and why you might have one, and reasons to avoid, if possible
    • Creating Your Circle of Trust : Choosing who is with you during your labor and delivery

From Our Childbirth Educator, Abby Williams: Hi! I’m a local doula and childbirth educator here, in Cherry Hill. I have a passion for educating women about their incredible bodies and their ability to birth. Birth is such a unique experience and can be a transformative one. I was terrified about the idea of birth before I knew about it. Once I began learning about how pregnancy changes you and what happens when your baby is ready to be born, I was excited to give birth and no longer afraid. I believe educating before labor is empowering. I would love to help you prepare for your empowered birth!