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Donate Your Vehicle And Give The Gift Of Life.

You have the capacity to turn our culture toward life. Help Us, Help Them.

A free, convenient service for converting that extra car, truck, or RV into a tax deductable donation benefiting Pregnancy Care Center, Inc. (Options for Women). You can donate online or call 856-795-0166 to make your donation.

Don’t donate your car or truck to some charity you have never heard of. Our trusted service makes sure your vehicle is properly handled so you get your tax deduction and your charity, Pregnancy Care Center, Inc, (Options for Women) gets the benefit of your donation.

Contact us if you have a vehicle to donate. If you are not ready to donate, find out about donating your vehicle by browsing all the valuable information and links on our site.


Donate your Car, Truck, or RV. Running or not.
FREE Pick-Up, Anywhere. Tax Deductible Write-off.

The safe, hassle free alternative to selling or trading your car.

Call 856-795-0166

Invest in this ministry to make Options the first choice for women facing crisis pregnancy.

Invest in this ministry to help young people challenge popular culture and prevent pregnancy and infections that could impact their reproductive health.

Options for Women is a 501 (c)(3). An annual independent audit is conducted by C-Leone, PC Certified Public Accountant. A copy is available upon request.

GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFE - You have the capacity to turn our culture toward life. - DONATE NOW